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    Our Development Accelerator

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The Development Accelerator

is Vertikaal’s proprietary IT software which rapidly configures designs for Mid and High Rise Buildings with smart-green technologies
Simultaneously validates financial feasibility
and brings advanced BIM solutions to the Design Build Team

Best Practices


Cast-in-Place Concrete/Tunnel Forms

Most cost effective method of construction, which computer driven produces quality and precision, satisfying demanding Architecture.



Building Information Modeling or BIM

Our leading edge BIM (Building Information Modeling) allows design changes even when the design process is advanced without cost.

At the same time it continuous to deliver integrated BIM data to the Design-Build teams.


Prefabricated Modular Components

Prefabricated Bathrooms, Kitchens, Facades are manufactured in factories, concurrent with the construction of the Cast in Place concrete super structure.

A Cast-in-Place Superstructure, Modular Components and Green Innovations, orchestrated by Vertikaal BIM saves Time, Money and the Planet


Robert Mechielsen

Architecture/Engineering TU Delft, The Netherlands - Concrete Construction - 30 yrs construction experience USA - IT, BIM, 3D Modeling - Designed & constructed first Carbon Neutral Residence built with Concrete in the USA

Arjen de Jong

PE - Engineering/Architecture TU Delft, The Netherlands - Joined his father’s company that specialized in concrete multi-story - CEO at De Jong Architects - 15 yrs international work experience - Founder Only BIM

Ada Lamme

UCLA - Commercial Real Estate California - Sr VP Transcon Property Services - Assisted in development of large Real Estate projects from design to funding - Founder Tex Drive-In Group, Hawaii

Henk de Bruin

MBA Nyenrode Business University, the Netherlands - Led the expansion of Outinord concrete form-work for high rise buildings in the USA – Former CEO of Outinord USA – Present Mesa Formwork USA.


1445 Castle Crest Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89117
Tel: 1 702 789 1002
Email: Info@Vertikaal.com

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